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The Biggest Bingo Winnings - I Wish it Were Me

The Biggest Bingo Winnings
In terms of the biggest bingo winning, there have been a lot of these, both off and online, for example with the National Bingo in land based clubs a lot of bingo millionaires have been created. There was Christine Bradfield from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales who won the National Bingo prize of £1.1 and she split her winnings with her regular bingo partner who wasn´t even with her at the time.

Other land based bingo millionaires have been Scotland´s, Soraya Lowell who won £1.2 million, and also shared her winnings with an elderly and sickly neighbour, who wasn´t with her at the time of the win, but was often her bingo partner. Strangely enough, the first bingo millionaire ever made was also a Scottish woman 42 year old Margaret Shearer, who had three weeks previously lost her job in a biscuit factory. So much for the luck of the Irish!

Another interesting fact, about bingo millionaires and Scotland is that the 1970´s band Nazareth were from Scotland. When they left home to make it big in London, they had the backing of bingo millionaire Bill Fehilly, so they were hardly the typical struggling rock band.

As far as online bingo is concerned, we have yet to see a bingo millionaire being created, although there have been a number of online bingo sites offering prizes in the millions. I have the feeling that new Moon Bingo Super millionaire game which plays on the 30th November 2009, may hold some surprises in store for us.

The Biggest Bingo Winnings
People who have become millionaires or close to, at online bingo sites have generally been playing the large progressive jackpots slots such as Clover Rollover and there was one Mecca Bingo winner of in this game of £1.5 million and another at William Hill Bingo who won €1,566,057. But this is not to say that there are no big bingo winners this is not true and we see regular wins of anything from £30 000 to £150 00, it is just that the slots games PJP´s seem to be better for the really big wins. Clover Rollover just happens to be a mini game too, so it is a little game with a lot of clout.

One of the most progressive online bingo sites in the UK is definitely Jackpot Joy, and this is where we see the biggest bingo winnings as well as in Deal or No Deal winners. You just have to take a look at the names and number to understand that this site has everything going for it and more. Bingo gold is the game to play and winners Patrick C. with £185,942, Claire J. with £119,329 and Michael H. £110,605 tell us something. Then Deal or No deal is the next big prize game and top of the leader board is Paul M. with an unbelievable win of £1,438,049, Keith R. with a just as unbelievable win of £1,365,996 and Emira B. £965,728 who was the first really big winner at this site. Diamond bonanza is also a very lucrative game and these are prime examples of some of the biggest winners ever at online bingo site.

Of course there are some sites that take huge amounts of money and make sure that these get spread out amongst winners, instead of targeting it on one major win, and I think this is even better. Take Sun Bingo for example, they are an unobtrusive site, but they have a huge market share of players because of the super prizes on offer. Recently one big promotion saw the site giving away 100 new cars over 100 days to celebrate having given away £100 million and if these are not big prizes and some of the biggest bingo winnings then I don´t know what are!


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