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Online Bingo - a beginners guide

Article imagePlaying bingo online has now become immensely popular, with both young and old getting involved in the game, but for those who are interested but don't know where to start, here is a guide as to what to expect from a bingo site.

Firstly, your head may be spinning at the huge array of bingo sites out there. A good place to start is to find a site that is recommended by someone who already plays on it but if that isn't possible and you've never played online bingo before, choose a site that offers games for free until you have learnt the basics.

Almost all bingo sites offer a welcome bonus to newcomers for signing up with them, most will double the amount of money you first deposit into your account. These offers are genuine and should absolutely be taken advantage of!

Take a look at how many Jackpot winners the sites have, and also check the rules on withdrawing money from your account when you have won. By doing this and comparing a few sites, you should find the one that is most suited to you.

Article imageOnce you have chosen the site you want to sign up to, they will ask for your email, name and address. The site will also ask for your credit or debit card information, they need this so you can deposit money into your account and also so they can pay out to you when you win. Do not worry; no site will ever take money from you without your permission!

Next, the site will ask you for a user name or nickname. This is the name you will go by on the site, in the chat rooms and when you are playing online. You can use your real name, but it's much more fun, and safer, to have a made up name, this also protects your anonymity.

Now you are completely registered on the site! When you first log in, you will start in the lobby area of the site. The lobby is a place where you can see information on bingo games that are currently being played, there will also be info on other games available on the site, such as slot machines. Here you can also see how many other members are online. From the lobby you can navigate your way around the site, either to games or the chat areas.

Article imageThe chat room is a great place to start if there are any questions as there are always one or more moderators in this room. A moderator is someone who keeps an eye on the players and makes sure the chat is kept friendly and legal, no bullying, sales or advertising will happen under a moderator's watchful eye!

To begin playing online bingo you will need to deposit money into your account. Remember the bonus for newcomers, if they are doubling up your first deposit, take advantage of it! A?20 deposit will actually be ?40, so don't be over-cautious by only depositing a couple of pounds, you will regret it later!

Remember, online bingo sites are as secure as online banking; no money will be taken from your bank account without your express permission!

Now what are you waiting for, it's time to play!


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