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Bingo is a hugely popular social game that involves winning real money - or various items, depending on the game type - that is played all over North America in churches and communities (mostly for raising funds). Its online version is especially popular in the UK - most online gaming operators based in this area have virtual bingo halls where players can chat, play casino side games and win various amounts of money on the internet.

Bingo is similar to the lottery, and is often seen at real life casinos. There are several versions of the game available for online play - mostly 75, 80 and 90 ball versions, but sometimes the 30 ball version is also to be found - this one is much faster.

Bingo is not a game that can only be found in dedicated bingo halls, though - most online casinos also offer bingo and its distant relative, keno, for their players to enjoy. Casino bingo games are similar to normal ones - the player purchases a ticket for a certain amount of cash, waits for the numbers to be "drawn" (decided by the sophisticated random number generators behind the game) and see if the ticket will be a winner.

Casino bingo games have the disadvantage that they usually lack the social component of the game - the chat room. Many people play bingo not necessarily for the game itself or the money they can win, but for the chat - the chance to "talk" to fellow gamers, play word games and such. But casino bingo has its advantages, especially if you plan to play bingo for money - stakes are not preset (like in the case of bingo tickets, that usually cost a fixed amount), but can be variable, and so can be the wins. Another great advantage of casino bingo would be the side games - a complete, fully featured online casino.

You see, online bingo halls have casino side games, too - mostly pokies, but sometimes classic table games and other titles as well - but in a limited number. Playing casino bingo means that you are a member at an online casino, so all the other titles of the casino are yours to play with.

The Royal Vegas, one of my favorite operators, offers its players access to Bingo Bonanza, an online bingo game developed by Microgaming. Players can set their stakes (0.5 to 10 credits at a time) and start the bingo machine that will randomly draw the balls - just like in a real bingo game. The game has potential for a big win: up to 20,000 times the original stake, meaning that the maximum amount a player can win is 200,000 credits. No bingo hall offers winnings this big.

And when it comes to side games - the number of the Royal Vegas pokies is over 200, so you have plenty to choose from...


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