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Is There Such a Thing as Online Bingo, Or any Other Bingo Strategy?

Is There Such a Thing as Online Bingo
Bingo Strategy

There are two very definite schools of thought when it comes down to online or any other kind of bingo strategy. The one philosophy is that bingo is a completely random numbers game and therefore there is very little in terms of strategy which can affect the outcome of the game. The other school of thought agrees, yes, bingo is definitely a random number game and it is difficult to predict the outcome, however certain strategies can be applied to ensure that the outcome is manipulated to a degree.

As with all philosophies, bingo philosophy, for both schools of thought each have their own validity. But it is up to the interpretation of the player themselves to choose and use what they think or believe, will or won´t work. The most important aspect of playing online bingo in any of these considerations is to actually have, fun, make lots of new friends and perhaps in the bigger scheme of things, win some very nice money or other more tangible prizes.

Because the first philosophy says no! We have no need to examine it any further so let´s take a look at what some experts believe will improve the bingo players chances of winning. This is known for all intents and purposes as “Playing Bingo Strategy”.

Firstly, playing online bingo is a good deal cheaper than playing in a land based club. In a land-based club you have the advantage of being able to choose to a degree what bingo cards you want, but this does not apply to online bingo, so this strategy is null and void if you are a “number counter”.

Is There Such a Thing as Online Bingo
Is There Such a Thing
as Online Bingo,
Or any Other
Bingo Strategy?

In a game of bingo, if you buy a strip of tickets, all the numbers in the game are printed on the grids on this strip randomly. So buying a strip offers a better chance of winning than just a single ticket would. This is what the pundits say, but if you think about it, it actually makes good sense, so this is quite a useful clue to winning and it could certainly be called a strategy. It also therefore makes sense to buy the maximum amount of tickets to have the greatest chance of winning. Online bingo has a minimum and maximum buy-in attached to any game.

Another winning bingo strategy according to experts is to play in a bingo room where there are fewer players. And if you think about this it makes sense too, however it also doesn´t make sense, because if you find a bingo room late at night with only two players in it, yes the chances of winning are higher, but what can you win?

Unless they have guaranteed prize money in the prize pot, and even in this case it doesn´t really matter, bingo prize pots are generally funded by tickets sales. What is the sense in a site offering a game for a prize of £50, when the game is only funded to the value of 10p, and there are only two players in the room, where three prizes are given away in a 90 ball game. This actually creates something of a paradox. But it is up to the site to deal with this.

In cases where the prize pot is fully funded, and games are taking place every couple of minutes, does it make sense to be running from room to room finding out where fewer players are. Hardly in my estimation!

The bottom line really when it comes to playing online bingo and any strategy required, is find a site you like, make friends, have fun for goodness sake and leave the strategy to the analysts. You want to play to have fun and if you relax and do this, believe me, your chances of winning are much better than if you were running around like a chicken without a head.


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