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Bingo Terms and Online Bingo Lingo

Bingo Terms and Online Bingo Lingo
Bingo Lingo

The advent of online bingo has led to whole new list of bingo terms being used and these are not just limited to chat terms. There it a new understanding of the words used at an online bingo site too, if you are to understand everything that´s going on. Don´t let this freak you out, it soon becomes second nature and it only took me about five years to learn all of these ….Just kidding!

You hear a lot about bingo chat terms, these are often referred to as “bingo lingo” this is a short form of writing much the same as many people use when they send SMS messages or other short forms of messaging. People use these when they are IM each other on dating and all kinds of social networking sites and I must admit when I first encountered this, I though people were speaking Thai or some other language I would never understand.

It soon becomes clear what is going on once you start using bingo lingo, but virtually every online bingo site in the UK provides a glossary of these terms which can be looked up. Give them a once over, but don´t dwell on them to much, what I did was get in a chat room and if I didn´t understand something I asked? As in “hey, what does ROLF mean?” some friendly roomie or the CM was always willing to answer me and I soon picked up the bingo lingo.

I must admit however, I still tend not to use it as much as I should, but I am a fast typist, so that helps. These short forms are amazingly helpful if your typing skills stink! You will find terms like BRB - Be right back, LOL - Laugh out loud, WD - Well done, GL - good luck and so on. But remember, don´t type in capital letters, this is reserved for the CM´s so that we know then they are telling us about a special or a chat game or something like that.

Online Bingo Lingo
Bingo Terms and
Online Bingo Lingo

Other forms of bingo terms could be considered the bingo calls, these have been around in the UK for decades and anyone who has played bingo, and even some who haven´t know what they are. 22 - two little ducks, 11 - legs eleven, 88 - two fat ladies, if you know what I mean! These are the rhyming calls that traditionally the caller used to offer some form of entertainment to players, but also allow them slightly longer to dab their numbers and remember them better because of the name association. These are still used at online bingo sites, (some of them) even though auto-daub is the order of the day.

Bingo linger in terms of the references made and an online bingo site to specific games or technicalities also crop up. My personal favorite is BOGOF, when I first was this, I though it was a rude acronym. To my shock and surprise, I found it means “buy one, get on free”, fortunately I didn´t use it on anyone in the chat room, but then you are supposed to be polite in chat rooms, and the roomies more than likely would have just asked “which room, what time?”.

Then there are words like auto-daub, the automatic dabbing feature, pre-buy, this is very self explanatory - you buy your tickets before the game. More easy terms are 1TG - that horrible time when you have only one number left on your bingo card and you don´t know if you will win or not. 2 TG is obvious, but what about mini-games, standalone games, download, coverall, deposit methods and on they go. Don´t worry, just play bingo and have fun, everything else will fall into place.


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