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Bingo with friends – online!

My Nan tells me all about her friends she meets every week down at the Bingo hall. For her and her bingo buddies, it is a regular meeting place where they enjoy their favourite past time and catch up on the week’s gossip!

As it happens, I share the same love of Bingo with my Nan, and like her, I love catching up with my Bingo friends. The key difference being, however, I much prefer the speed, and excitement of playing bingo online at Paddy Power Bingo. The great thing about when I meet and catch up with my friends, is that I get to do it from the comfort of my own living room.

With the fantastic chat functionality of Paddy Power bingo, for example, you get alerts when your friends sign in and get to open private conversations with your closest pals. Not only that, but you also get the chance to meet and chat with other new Bingo players, who are often looking for advice especially when playing for the first time.

There is no denying the fact that our generation is online all the time. Because of this ease of access, I have found that I am actually playing Bingo more than just the once per week. This means that I am not only catching up with my friends, but you are actually sharing the experience and getting to know your online friends a lot better.

The online Bingo community is one of the friendliest I know. From the people I have gotten to know online, it is a chance to play Bingo at any time of the week, winding down for the day and catching up with friends whilst toying with the excitement of a big win. And when you win, you win together; everyone is quick to congratulate. It doesn’t take long to get involved and get a feeling for the camaraderie as well as an understanding of the etiquette of the gameplay.

In many ways online bingo is one of the most active and immersive forms of social media. Like Facebook, it offers a platform for you to build your profile and interact with others on theirs. However, through the gameplay, you get more opportunities to meet new people all of which share the same interest in an invigorating game.


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