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Extra comfort Bingo

Playing Bingo has changed dramatically over the last century, and it is only now that you can enjoy playing it in the most comfortable surroundings possible! Being able to play snuggled up in bed or on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and your laptop or tablet on your knee is really the most luxurious possible way to play with friends and chat as you play bingo.

In the first half of the century players would join together in church halls, with Bingo a firm favourite with social groups. Often halls were cold and draughty, and players had a choice of uncomfortable wooden chairs and tables to use. Later community halls became more common, with improved heating facilities and often a canteen or kitchen for hot food.

Purpose built clubs and bingo halls became common in later years and were extremely popular, particularly with women. Most had a bar and plush carpets and furniture, but the game was still played sitting around tables and checking off numbers hunched over tickets laid out on the surface. The opportunity of a night out and to catch up with friends was well worth the effort for most players, but braving the cold weather and paying for taxis or drinks to play bingo the old fashioned way took its toll and a great many bingo halls and clubs are closed down today.

Online and mobile bingo have really revolutionised the game! Being able to play in your own time without leaving the house or interrupting your routine makes it easy for everyone to play, whether during a break at work or on the bus home! Smartphone technology has made the game slick and fast paced, offering an ideal form of on-the-go relaxation and stress relief. Just concentrating on a quick game of bingo for a few minutes can take your mind off most worries!

Of course the most comfortable possible place to play bingo is in your own home, wrapped up against the weather, probably in bed, with no distractions, all the bonus rounds and extra winning opportunities that online bingo offers and the warmth and relaxation that comes from being propped up against your own pillows.


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