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Online Bingo Chat Behaviour. Being a Good Roomie

Online Bingo Chat BehaviourBecause so many different people, from so many different walks of life and age groups play online bingo it is necessary to have certain rules which govern online bingo chat behaviour. This means the do´s and don´t in the chat room and is designed to keep everyone happy, smiling, feeling comfortable and safe, and having a good time. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should give anyone a hard time in a online bingo chat room, but these rules are in place, because there are always a couple of flies in the ointment, no matter where you play.

As long as you stick to what is known as online bingo chat etiquette, you will be fine and your online bingo playing experience will be so much fun that you can´t wait to come back for more. In the instance where people would like to indulge in more adult chat or spicy repartee, special adult nights, parties or bingo sessions are held at many of the more popular sites. They are great fun and as long as you have the stomach for it, you should join in the fun, if you don´t have a sense of humour in terms of an adult mindset, stay away and no-one will be offended, least of all you.

Every online bingo site has their own set of rules which govern online bingo chat behaviour; however they vary very little from site to site. If you are unsure and you are playing at a new bingo site check them out first, then you can enjoy you play safe in the knowledge that you won´t make some major faux pas.

The first and most important thing to remember is that CAPITAL letters are for the chat moderators, sometimes also called chat hosts. If you are a one finger typist and you can´t shift from lower to upper case, just keep your keyboard on lower case. The CM´s need to announce online bingo chat games and special prize and stuff, so if they type in capital letters we all know what´s going on.

Bingo Chat BehaviourIf you have any questions and the CM is busy, give them a moment and they will answer, or one of the more familiar roomies may also come back to you with a reply. Remember the CM is the one with the authority in the chat room and respect this, it is already a busy job and we don´t want to make things stressful.

They are not in the chat room to police you, but to make sure everyone has a good time, hence the term “moderator”. Don´t take part in arguments, the CM will deal with these and you don´t need to stick your oar in. Remember the CM´s decision is FINAL. If you want to take a problem further, use the dispute resolution hierarchy published at the site, but be mature about it, we are all adults. Not on any occasion are you allowed to impersonate a chat host, although you might be funny if you do an “impersonation”. All in good taste of course.

Be friendly to your fellow roomies, playing online bingo is supposed to be a pleasant, fun experience. So no name calling, racist or sexist remarks and swear or crude word, you may be banned from the site. Some people take serious offence to crude remarks even if they are funny, so err on the side of caution.

Everyone loves winning, but if you don´t win, don´t be moody about it, no-one likes a poor loser, just stay positive and your time will come. It is really all about being good mannered and pleasant as well as using common sense.


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