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Online Bingo Rules. How They Apply

Online Bingo RulesThe one determining factor which has risen playing bingo to the meteoric heights it has, is the lack of online bingo rules. Not to intimate that playing bingo is some kind of bun fight free-for-all where no online bingo rules apply, this is not the case by any stretch of the imagination. It is just that bingo is so easy to learn to play and the rules are so simple that this is what makes it one of the most popular games in the world to play. The online bingo rules or lack thereof are also more than likely what has kept games of a similar nature so high in the popularity stakes for so many centuries.

The game of 75 ball bingo, no matter what site it is played on, has the same rules, a card with a 5 x 5 grid is used and the top row is marked B I N G O. Because it is a 75 ball game, the numbers from 1 - 75 are used and these numbers are market randomly on the cards. The expert bingo player number 1 - 15 in the first column, 16 to 30 in the second and so on. But it is not really necessary to even know this when you play online as the bingo tickets are auto-daubed.

Auto-daub, now there is a word for you, this is one of the biggest innovations of playing online bingo, because you never miss that vital number that could make you the winner. It allows for features such as pre-purchase to be used, so a player can purchase their tickets before a game and these tickets will be played automatically on the part of the player. No need to ever miss that big jackpot prize game again!

Bingo RulesBut back to bingo rules, 75 ball bingo cards also have a central blank square on the grid and this is a free space. This game lends itself well to patterns being used and the first person to mark off all the numbers on the card and virtually yell BINGO, is the winner.

In 90 Ball bingo there are a couple of variations to the online bingo rules although the card remains the same. A 3 row x 9 column grid is used and there are three opportunities to win. The numbers from 1 - 90 are marked randomly on the card and the numbers are called, the first person to cross off one line of numbers wins the one line prize, the person to cross off two lines of numbers is the two line winner and the first person to cross of all the numbers on the ticket is the full house winner and this is generally the largest prize money. In some European versions of this game, in particular Spanish variant, there is only a prize on one line and the full house.

80 Ball bingo is sometimes called pattern bingo, the and the way the game plays is on the basis of a coverall, much like 75 ball bingo. In effect the rules for all the games are the same, a ticket is issued the numbers are called and covered and the winner is the person to have all the numbers in the right place at the right time.

Online bingo has lent itself to many more variants of the game such as speedball and this is 30 ball bingo, and I believe that there is also a 60 ball version of the game, but I have not had much call to look at this game as yet. No doubt I soon will. Online bingo has also led to many other variations of the game by combining them with other gambling activities, but the rules remain the same, numbers are called, marked off and winners announced.


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