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The best bingo calls

What's your best bingo call? Many online bingo players like to choose their numbers based on their favourite calls in the game. There are hundreds to choose from and for a lot of gamers staying loyal to those particular numbers is a fun way to begin bingo.

Maybe you're an old romantic and 'Valentines Day' (14), 'Sweet sixteen' (16) and 'Naughty forty' (40) are your favourite numbers. Or maybe you're a music lover, opting to play 'Stairway to Heaven' (27), 'The Beatles Number' (64) and 'Stayin Alive' (85).

Having the freedom to choose your numbers is an important part of bingo because you want a card that reflects your personality.

Sadly, although playing live bingo in a hall is good fun you sometimes aren't allowed the freedom to choose your own numbers, but Betfair's new Pop Bingo game gives you that authority - all within the comfort of your own home.

Pop Bingo is an online game in the Betfair Casino that lets you choose your card and the size of your bet. In doing so, you know you're in control of your choices and can stay loyal to the best bingo calls.

On screen you choose the size of your bet using the simple up and down arrow keys before selecting which bingo card to play with. If you don't like the look of one or want to stay loyal to particular numbers then you're free to swap cards until the right one comes up.

There are thousands of number combinations to choose from and if you're an animal lover then 'One little duck' (2) and 'Monkey in a tree' (3) are a fun combination to have.

So why not have a go? Whether you're an experienced bingo master or have never played the game before the beauty of Betfair Pop Bingo is that you don't need experience or expertise to enjoy the game.


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