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Types of Bingo Games

Despite the game of bingo's short lifespan it has become vastly popular attracting thousands of players every week in Britain and the United States. This popularity has led to the game undergoing some regional influence and ultimately some variation on the way it is played. These embellishments have not affected the general principles of bingo and have mainly come about due to bingo halls attempts to attract more customers. Regular bingo usually involves the player either acquiring a shape, such as a T or L, or gaining a complete Blackout of their card. However, other games have become prominent in the poker industry, becoming quite exclusive with higher jackpots and a sealed card system. One of the first embellishments to regular bingo was the introduction of combination bingo. This game involved a number of either consecutive or simultaneous games. For example a combination game may have three ways to win; L shape, Four Corners and Blackout. These will either run consecutively; one player must acquire the L shape before someone can win through getting the Four Corners, and so on. In simultaneous games, players are eligible to win in any way, regardless of whether a player has gained an L shape. The introduction of combination games certainly made bingo more exciting as there was the chance of a larger jackpot and multiple wins, something that would attract any betting person. Eventually, however, bingo companies began to play higher jackpot games, often adding bonus games and prizes to the offer. Games such as Pre-called and Odd/Even bingo were usually played with sealed cards and had much larger jackpots than the standard games. The next step was a somewhat bizarre one in the history of bingo as halls and the best new bingo site began to introduce new progressive online bingo games. These are as many and varied as the bingo halls and websites themselves but a common example is the use of combinations of numbers, in sequence, in a certain number of calls.

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