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Ways to win in bingo

We all love casino games where you stand multiple chances of winning some form of prize, or experiencing some level of excitement. A typical example is Frankie Dettoris Magic Seven Slots Game. However, a standard game of bingo also allows the participant a total of three ways of winning for their entry stake.

The first opportunity to scoop a prize is by calling when you have a line. This refers to crossing out just five numbers in any one of your three lines on your game card.

As you'll know if you've ever played casino games such as slots, including Betfair Blade Slots Game, the time it takes to win can differ. Depending on how the balls drop from the machine, this could be over very quickly if any of the players get lucky with their selections, or on the other hand, it can take around 20 numbers for somebody to complete a line.

Once the prize is handed out for a line, the focus is then on completing two lines. At this stage you may only need two or three numbers to do just that.

Generally, the cash amount is usually bigger for this part of the game so if you have just missed out on a line, you can make up for it here by landing the money at this stage.

The final stage of a game is the full house; the one everyone enjoys the most!

This is where the jackpot money is placed up for grabs. If you are to win once in an evening, you will be hoping it is the full house prize because they can be very rewarding. There are 16 numbers in total on any one card but it usually takes on average at least 60 balls from the draw for a full house call to made.

When you are waiting on just one number your heart will be racing and the adrenaline will be pumping. In some games, there is a bonus amount paid for getting all 16 selections under a stipulated amount. This is usually around the 45 number mark, but this can, and does, happen in some bingo games.


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