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Circus Casino Jackpot Reaches Record

If you have not heard of the Circus Casino before, it is surprising because this amazing online casino has a huge amount of big games and also has one huge player community. The Circus casino offers many different games including poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines and all the other great casino games that you would expect to find on one of the internets biggest and best casino web sites. This web site offers a huge amount of cash gaming action and has been building a giant player community for years. Their no deposit bonus makes it easy for new players to get started and if you have never played on this online casino before you can still grab some free cash just to get registered on their site.

There are all sorts of special bonuses to grab at this online casino. If you are a poker player they have some free cash ready for you and a free spin, if you are ready to hit the slots up, they have a bonus for that too. No matter what type of online cash gaming you get excited about the chances are that they have some free money for you to take advantage of. The bonuses are one thing and this is not uncommon, most casino web sites have some nice bonuses for their players who are ready to make some sort of cash deposit to fund their online games. However, this casino site has some of the biggest prizes around too. You will be amazed to hear that the Golden Rally Jackpot has recently hit an all time high at £452,491.36 and it is still rising each and every second! There are very few other online casinos that have a prize amount even close to this. If you want to play for some of the biggest prize packages anywhere, the Circus Casino is the only place to play.

There is nothing to lose. You can join this web site for free. In fact they will give you some free cash to play on, so if you have never played here before and you are ready to take a shot at a massive progressive jackpot, it’s time to go get registered and try your luck right now.

New Bonus At Bingo Day

The bingo day web site is not one to miss. If you have never heard of the Bingo Day online bingo hall, there are a lot of games you may be missing and of course some huge bingo prizes too. This online bingo hall is setup rather simply and takes advantage of a very clean site layout that allows players to see exactly where they are supposed to be going to get in on the action. If you have never played on the Bingo Day site, you have in for some free money bonuses right from the start. All you have to do is get registered on this site and you will be instantly awarded a £20 bonus. If you are not sure if this site has the type of bingo games you are looking for, go ahead and grab the free no deposit bonus and then you can see for yourself.

You will be able to take a real tour and play many of their games on your free bingo cash and you will even be able to win some cash along the way if you have any luck. This site has some big progressive prizes, so you never know, you could be the next big winner at Bingo Day before you even make a cash deposit. Make sure to take a look at the current promotions before you start playing here to make sure you don’t miss any big games or special bingo bonuses. Have fun playing and enjoy your free bingo cash!

Land Based Bingo Better For Friends

There are some bingo players who love to play their favorite game online and this is the only way they play. On the other hand, there are some players who love to go down to the local bingo halls and meet up with their friends to take a shot at winning some cool bingo cash. It really is a personal preference of what you expect from a bingo hall and what location offers more of what you like. The online bingo halls have many crazy cash prizes and many big progressive jackpots as well. Depending on where you live and where you play, you may be able to find the same thing at a physical location too.

Some bingo players just like the atmosphere of a real bingo hall and this can be a big change from your home office or where ever you PC is located at home. In most cases the bingo prizes will not be as large at a land based casino, but there are many more winners on a regular basis at land based casinos. Most of the bingo game magic is lost when you are not there for the live action that the real bingo halls offer. This may be true with other online cash games too, but the bingo hall you play at may offer some very unique surroundings, people and food. So if you love to play at local bingo halls make the most of your time there and enjoy it to the fullest!

One of the biggest draws to physical locations for big bingo fans is the socialization that goes on here. For some bingo players meeting up with their friends and family at a land based bingo hall are the social event of the week for them. These bingo halls usually offer a huge room filled with bingo players and if you come early you can of course converse with your friends and then hopefully get seated near them when the action begins. There is nothing like the thrill of playing bingo in a live bingo hall and it is only better when you can experience this amazing game and hopefully some prizes with your friends.

Massive No Deposit Bingo Bonus

Don’t settle for small amounts of bingo cash, when you could be grabbing more free money at the Red Card Bingo web site. This hot online bingo hall really knows how to treat their players and if you are looking for a big fat no deposit bingo bonus, they have what you have been looking for. Some bingo sites are only offering $5 ore $10 and there is nothing wrong with these smaller amounts, but the more free money the better. Right now you can grab a huge $30 no deposit bonus at the Red Card Bingo web site. There are not many other bingo sites that can match this. There are some bingo sites that don’t even offer a no deposit bonus at all. This is just one reason that bingo players from all over are flocking to the Red Card Bingo site.

The Red Card Bingo web site has a huge player community and they have taken pride in building a great arena for bingo players to play bingo and of course win! They have live help representatives that are ready to help you with any issues you may have as your get registered and play on their site. Their customer support is excellent here and they really make playing on their online bingo hall very simple and very exciting. If you have some luck early on or just want to start playing for more prizes, it may be a good idea to fund your online bingo account with a cash deposit. Again, you will be rewarded very generously from the Red Card Bingo team. They are offering a huge 500% cash deposit bonus on your first deposit. Just think about it, you can have $120 dollars to play with if you only deposit $20.

This is an easy way to get some serious bingo cash built up and ready to start buying up bingo cards. There are many places to go online and play bingo, but if you want to play where the biggest bingo bonuses and most free bingo cash is, you must visit the Red Card Bingo web site. You should take advantage of this huge cash offer from these guys while they are still offering it. You never know how long offers like these are going to last.

Mecca Bingo Ltd In London

This is one of the most popular UK bingo companies and if you are looking for some hot bingo action in London this is the bingo hall that you will want to locate. It should not be hard to find one near you there are 5 locations across London and this bingo club has made a name for itself by providing big prizes and a huge amount of fun at all of their locations. There may be other bingo halls to choose from but why go anywhere else when you can play at the best?

Mecca Bingo offers online bingo, but for those players who are close enough to a physical location, there is nothing like the real thing. Playing bingo in person, where you can really feel like you are in the middle of the action adds a certain level of excitement that simply cannot be matched by online play. If you are bingo player who loves to play all day, these bingo clubs offer games starting 4 times a day. There are 2 afternoon games and 2 evening games that you can play here. Game prices vary from £8 to £13 depending on what time the game is and what day of the week you play. There are always some great cash prizes to grab and if you are going to play at a physical location you will want to make sure you check their website first to see all the current promotions going on. Every week there is £32,000 that must be won, and most days there are over £5,000 in cash being given away to players who play here.

The Mecca Bingo Ltd locations are some great places to find hot bingo action and they are offering prizes big enough to make any serious bingo player think twice about playing online instead. If you are ready for a wonderful bingo experience, just find the location nearest you and have fun!

Find Local Bingo Halls Fast!

If you are a bingo fan and you just don’t know where your local bingo hall it can very difficult to learn where you can play. The problem with many bingo halls or locations that have a bingo night is that they do not really advertise much and only players that hear about them from friends who are already attending find out where they need to go. This word of mouth advertising does well for most bingo locations, but it can still leave many players in the dark. You may be able to find some bingo halls listed in the newspaper and even some churches will advertise their bingo nights here. The newspaper may be a good resource in some towns, but in others you still may come up empty handed.

If you are looking for an easy way to find a bingo hall no matter where you are in the US, there is a web site that offers a very cool directory of all the major bingo games and where they are located. The web site is called ILDADO. When you get to this web site you will see about a thousand links to different gaming resources and there is some other worthwhile information here, but what you are looking for is right in the center of the page. You will see a link that says “Bingo Halls Directory” once you click this you will be taken to a list of all the bingo halls across the country. The list is broken down into state so you can jump right to the section of interest and find the bingo halls in your area in no time at all.

There are extended resources on the main directory page to help people in Canada, UK and Australia too. The next time you are bored and you are not getting the satisfaction you deserve from online gaming and internet based bingo halls, just give this web site a visit and find out where the real local action is!

Bingo Flash News – New Huge Progressive Jackpot!

The Bingo Flash web site has been a huge fan favorite for some time and they continue to grow and bring new features to their site all the time. This huge bingo web site is offering some amazing prizes and has some of the biggest game prizes that you will find on any bingo site. The real news about Flash Bingo is their progressive jackpot. It has been growing and is only getting bigger! Right now you could walk away with £24,409 if you hit the jackpot on this cool bingo web site. Of course the progressive will reset once somebody has become a lucky winner, so if you want your shot at one of the largest progressive jackpots on any bingo site, you need to get over to the Flash Bingo site before somebody else hits it big.

This site will give any new player a free cash bonus, so you can start playing for free. There is no need to open up your wallet at the Bingo Flash website they will give you £20 just for getting registered on the site. This is one cool way to start playing and winning and since most bingo cards only cost between 5p and 100p you will be able to play for a long time on your free cash here. This site also offers a full casino and a huge amount of slot machines to play on, so you will be able to play any game you like, but most players are sticking to their favorite, bingo.

There are 3 different major bingo rooms here and each room offers separate games and different bingo card prices and prizes. There are a lot of player options here and also real time chat to let you chat it up with the other players in your bingo room. There are plenty of reasons to play here, but right now most players are focused on the 24,409 reasons to get registered and take their chances at the big progressive jackpot on Bingo Flash.

Desperate Housewives Launches Huge Bonus

The Desperate Housewives Bingo web site has been creating a winning player experience on their site for some time now. They continue to bring some of the most impressive games, prizes and of course bonuses to all who chose to play here. There are some huge cash prizes available and being won on a daily basis at this cool bingo web site. You will find a wide range of games here besides bingo, the owners of this site want to make sure that every player that visits can find something to get excited about and they are doing a wonderful job. Now you can play Bingo, Blackjack, Video Poker, Keno and even try your luck on some instant Pull Tabs.

The big news is the bingo bonus that they are now offering to all new players. If you are not already a player here you can take advantage of their huge no deposit bonus today. When you get registered you will be credited with a £30 bonus that can be used towards any game of your choosing. If you want to play bingo, go for it. If you want to try some of the other games here, you can do that too. It makes no difference how you choose to spend your free bingo cash. You are going to have the time of your life doing it on this cool bingo site!

Don’t forget to check out all the other promos here. The Desperate Housewives bingo web site has all sorts of promotions going on and you will not want to miss any special offers or big bonuses. Have fun playing and we hope to see you in the winner’s circle!

Butlers Bingo Serving Up A New Bonus

The Butlers Bingo web site is a very cool totally themed out web site. This bingo hall has a lot to offer any bingo lover at their online bingo gaming center. You will find some nice progressive jackpots that are continually growing larger and larger, many different bingo games to choose from and some very active bingo rooms. This site has enough players that you will never have to wait very long for the next game to start. All of this is not news, but the cool bonus they are offering players in the US or UK sure is!

All you have to do is get registered at the Butlers Bingo website and they will instantly credit your online bingo bank account with $10 or £12 depending on where you are playing from. The Butlers Bingo web site is ready to start growing and they want your business. If you have never played on this amazing looking bingo web site before there is no reason not to give them a shot, after all they are willing to pay you just to take their bingo games for a test drive.

There are new bonuses each week and each month. If you are looking for some special games and big prizes then you will want to make sure that you take a look at what they have to offer in their promotions page before you start playing. There is a single bingo jackpot that is over £9,000 on this site and all the progressives added up on this site are worth over £5,000,000 right now. There is no shortage of cash prizes at the Butler Bingo web site. Enough about the site, it’s time for you to go grab your free cash now!

Bingo Explosion In The US

The online gaming market in the United States has been a very touchy subject for some time now. There were a few bingo sites and a few casino sites sprinkled across the internet. The big problem with many of these sites currently is that they are housed on servers outside the US to avoid any legal issue and this can cause for some pretty serious security problems. Since these sites are not in the US if they are doing something illegal and are not paying out at the rate they promise or simply not paying out at all they could not be prosecuted by attorneys in the US. This was a protection for fraudulent bingo and casino sites and it is starting to sound like this issue will soon be a thing of the past.

You may have already heard about all the financial issue the US has had this past year. The whole economy darn near collapsed. Well this problem is still being dealt with and the United States Government is still up to its ears in bills, IOU’s and other funding issues that reach further than its borders. The US government is working on a bill right now that will make all online both legal and taxable. This will make a new stream of income for the government and will make gaming sites like bingo and casino sites totally legal and legitimate to run from within the US. This really sounds like a win win situation to anybody who loves to play cash games online!

There have been no dates set for when this bill will be put into motion or when the legislation will actually come into effect, but the sooner the better. The US is in a very hard financial situation and they need to make money as fast as possible. However, cutting all the red tape to make this a reality may take some time and effort. We would not be surprised to see the US licensing online casinos and bingo halls by the middle of next year. If everything works out as planned this could become a huge steam of income for the US government that is much needed in this time of financial crisis. For online bingo players and casino fans, this mean that they should have more options and more secure playing environments coming very soon too.