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Get Your VIP Moon Points At Moon Bingo

At lot of the very successful online bingo websites have loyalty programs where players can earn bingo points. Moon Bingo is no different and on this online bingo website players can earn Moon points. Moon Points are basically like free cash and there are plenty of ways that you as a player at Moon Bingo can earn them.

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Redeem Moon Points For Cold Hard Cash Or Free Bingo

When you play at Moon Bingo and collect Moon Points you can then redeem them for free bingo tickets and some real cash prizes too. You earn Moon points for taking part in chat games and of course for playing the great online bingo games that can be found on the Moon Bingo website. Your Moon Points balance is always displayed on your account page so you always know how many you have and when you can redeem them.

1,000 Moon Points Required For Cash Out At Moon Bingo

Once you collect 1,000 Moon Points you can redeem them for £1 which is deposited into your Moon Bingo online bingo account. If you invite a friend to play at Moon Bingo and they accept and sign up for a player account you get 10,000 Moon Points which is equal to £10 in real cash. You get 1 Moon Point for every 10p bingo card you purchase, 2 Moon points for every 25p bingo card, 5 Moon points for every 50p bingo card and 10 Moon points for every £1 bingo card your purchase.

Playing Daily Chat Games Can Quickly Increase Moon Points

If you take part in the daily chat games you will receive 1,000 Moon points from the chat host. Last but not least, if you send Moon Bingo a photo of you holding a sign saying “I love Moon Bingo” you will receive 1,000 Moon points. So, the points can quickly add up into prizes and real cash money.

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