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Get In On The Sky Bingo Triple Play

A lot of online bingo players want to be able to play games with guaranteed jackpots. These games add an extra dimension to playing online as in each game one lucky winner walks away with a generous prize. Guaranteed jackpots mean that there is always at least one winner – so you have a shot at taking home the jackpot whenever you play. You also know up front exactly what you’re playing for unlike when you play progressive bingo games online.

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Three Chances To Win At Sky Bingo

At Sky Bingo players have three chances to win large cash prizes each and every day. So what are these games and when do they occur? Read on to learn more.

Get In On Evening Games In The Pennies Room

To start with every day at 9.00pm there is a £100 game and this is held in the Pennies Room. This game costs just 1p per ticket and you can pre buy your tickets to make sure you are in with a chance of winning. So if you like the sound of a £100 prize you know which room you need to be in.

Value Room Has A Big Guaranteed Jackpot

At 9.30pm you will be able to play the second of the daily triple games at Sky Bingo. This game is held in the Value Room and it is for a guaranteed jackpot of £250. The winner of this game will be £250 richer, and that could be you if you buy your tickets for this game. All tickets for the game cost just 5p each and like all of the daily triples you can buy them before the start of the game.

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