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123 Bingo Raffles For Big Money Wins

123 Bingo is a very popular online bingo website with some great promotions. One of these promotions is called Bingo Raffles. There are daily bingo raffles where players can win real cash prizes and BBs. In order to qualify for these daily raffles you will have to have made the minimum deposit. Read on to learn how you can win big at 123 Bingo.

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It Starts With Monday Prizes

On Mondays there is a first prize of $300 cash and 150 BBs up for grabs and you must have made a minimum deposit of $35. The second prize in this raffle is $200 cash 75 BBs. On Tuesdays the prizes are the same but the deposit amount is $40. Wednesday is the same again with a $40 deposit amount.

It Continues All Week Long

On Thursday things get even better with $350 in cash and 150 BBs up for grabs. The minimum deposit amount for this is $50. Fridays sees a cash prize of $1,000 up for grabs with a minimum deposit amount of $75. On Saturday the cash prize drops back to $350 with a deposit amount of $50 and on Sunday the cash prize is $300 with a deposit amount of just $35.

Play Mega Raffles For Mega Bucks

Mega Raffles are also held each month where players can win up to $50,000 in cash rewards. All players have to do is make a deposit of $75 or more to be entered into the $50,000 Mega Cash Raffle. If you make a deposit of $100 you get 2 entries into this raffle. The Mega Cash Raffle has five cash prizes up for grabs. First place gets $25,000 in cash, second gets $10,000, third gets $7,500, fourth gets $5,000 and fifth place get $2,500 in cash.

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