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King Jackpot Weekend Promos

Weekends are the time when many people will settle down to play online bingo as they have time to spare. If you are a regular online bingo player who looks forward to the weekends you need to visit King Jackpot and get involved with some of the weekend action.

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At this online bingo site you have a choice of four different bingo rooms where you can play 75 or 90 ball bingo. Here are some of the exciting weekend games that you could be joining in with. You choose how.

Get In On Saturday Gaming Promos

On Saturdays in the Knight’s Lounge and Queen’s Palace you can take part in games that have minimum jackpots of £25 and £30 and benefit from reload bonuses of up to 50%. These games run all day in the Knight’s Lounge and from 12.00am -12pm in the Queen’s Palace.

Enter The Royal Chambers

If you go into the Royal Chambers you can play for hourly specials, pattern specials, join in with chat games and look out for additional bonus games that can be worth up to £1 BB. All of these games run from 7pm – 10pm so make sure you are in the room during these hours.

Get In On Sunday Gaming Promos

On Sundays you can take part in chat games from noon until midnight and enjoy hourly and pattern specials with minimum jackpots in the Knight’s Lounge. Go and visit the Queens’ Palace and participate in 10p card games and hourly specials with £25 minimum jackpots until 10pm when for the next two hours the minimum is £100.

Enter The Royal Chambers Again

Over in the Royal Chamber between 7pm and 10pm you can play chat games, pattern games, bonus games and hourly specials, once again with jackpots that are guaranteed. Play.

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