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Play Bingo At New Billy Bingo

New Bingo Billy is a fun online bingo hall and gambling venue. You will find plentiful chat bingo games with lots of fun prizes to be won. Typically these prizes are in the form of Billy Points (BBS) but you can also win cash and occasionally special luxury prize items depending on your jurisdiction.

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ABCs Of Bingo Chat Games At New Bingo Billy

At New Bingo Billy, the ABCs of Bingo chat games are very popular. Part of this is probably because it is easy to remember how to play. You just have to remember your ABC’s. Then when the chat monitor posts to the game forum you can collect anywhere from 5 Billy Points through 25 Billy Points. So you can quickly add up your points to free bingo bucks you can use to play bingo games at New Bingo Billy. Some of the alphabet letters will have a special bonus hidden in them. These special no deposit bonuses can be cash or Nabor BBS.

Are You Here Chat Games At New Bingo Billy

Another fun bingo chat game to get in on is the Are You Here game. For this chat bingo game the chat monitor will post the phrase ‘ARE YOU HERE’ in the chat forum. When they do, you need to respond by posting ‘HERE’. This will earn you 1 BB if you are one of the lucky ones who responded first. You see, the way this chat game award is offered to players involves a bit of math. In order to award Billy Points, the chat monitor takes the number binged on that game and adds them up. Then the chat monitor will count down that many ‘HERE’ postings and each of those players will receive 1BB.

Battleship Bingo Chat Games At New Billy Bingo

The way this game works is that whenever you bingo you pick a number from 1 through 75. Just like in the popular board game, if the number you choose is a ‘hit’ then you will receive 3 BBS. If the number you choose is a miss you get 1BB. However, the real payoffs come with when you ‘sink’ the battleship. You can see the breakdown of points for when you sink a ship based on the chat monitor below:

USS CM Bubu 10 BBS

USS CM Dorothy 10 BBS


USS CM Lynn 20 BBS

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