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Get Gaming At Bingo Ballroom

Bingo Ballroom awaits UK bingo lovers as their new favorite online bingo hall. There are 75-ball and 90-ball games, coverall and progressive jackpot games, guaranteed jackpot games, a million-pound coverall three times per week, and so much more. Team Bingo Tournaments are a unique feature to Bingo Ballroom, and award 1,000,000 loyalty points (equal to £1000) to the winners every month! Become a Bingo Ballroom member and claim your share of fantastic jackpots and exciting bonus promotions today.

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Collect Your First Bingo Ballroom Deposit Bonus

First-time depositors at Bingo Ballroom will receive a 100% bonus on deposits between £10 and £100. Plus, additional deposits of between £20 and £100 will earn a player a 50% deposit bonus. These promotions really multiply a player’s deposits quickly! More cash equals more chances to play and win amazing jackpots. Make sure to pop in at Bingo Ballroom often to keep track of the latest promotions and bonus offers.

Loyalty Is Amply Rewarded At The Bingo Ballroom

Loyal players, there is also a terrific loyalty program at Bingo Ballroom. Once a player has registered, he or she automatically becomes a Bingo Friend Forever (BFF) PINK loyalty member. Even losing streaks are rewarded, with the Bad Beat Bonus. Each time a player does not win at least 5 games in a row and the total wagering amount (in these games) is at least £5 or higher, Bingo Ballroom will give back 50 LPs.

Level Up For Even Bigger Bingo Ballroom Bonus Rewards

BFF GOLD membership comes next, and provides additional perks once designated funding levels have been achieved. The Bad Beat Bonus improves as well – players will get 100 LPs each time they lose at least 5 games in a row. BFF PLATINUM membership is the top of the heap, and provides additional perks beyond GOLD level once designated funding levels have been achieved. The Bad Beat Bonus pays back an enormous 300 LPs each time a player loses at least 5 games in a row.

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