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What Is 90 Ball Bingo?

90 ball bingo is sometimes referred to as UK bingo because it is so popular there and because it is the format used in UK bingo halls. There are 90 balls, numbered 1 to 90, which is where the game gets its name from, and 90 ball bingo is played on a card with three horizontal rows and nine vertical columns. Even though there are nine columns, each row only contains five numbers giving a total of fifteen numbers.

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The Basics Of Game Play

The cards, or tickets, for 90 ball bingo are usually sold either individually or in strips of six. There is time between each game to purchase cards and sales usually stop between twenty to thirty seconds before the game begins. When the game begins, the balls are drawn randomly using a random number generator, referred to in the industry as an RNG. The speed at which the numbers are called varies but is usually around one number every four, five or six seconds. As the ball is drawn, the number is announced audibly, often using a traditional ‘nickname’ for the number, such as ‘Legs 11’ or ‘Kellys eye, number 1’. At the same time, the numbers are displayed on the number display board and if they are present on the player’s card, they are marked off. Most online bingo sites have the option to mark numbers automatically as they are called. This is referred to as ‘auto-daub’, but some more experienced players prefer to mark them off themselves.

Where To Play And Collect Pots

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